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Designer Formulated Skincare Products


Stacey has been designing and developing beautiful natural skincare products for New Zealand and Australian brands, including market-leading Trilogy for the last 15 years.

Stacey takes her passion for all things “beauty” and shares her knowledge and expertise with Carbon White to provide a new and innovative New Zealand proud skincare range to showcase to the world.


How did you get in to this industry?

I worked in travel for 14 years and then September 11 happened, and the innocence of travel and my passion disappeared, so I retrained in natural health and therapies and learnt on the job at my local health store in all things natural and botanical.

My grandmother was also a great herbalist so she opened my world up the Herbs and plants.  My experience with Trilogy from the beginning to it becoming a global brand has provided me with the most amazing skills.

Do you use the products you create?

Yes, I’d find it hard not to use the products I’ve created it would be like making a cake and not being able to eat it!

Are Natural products better than mainstream/synthetic?

There is a place for both, it’s just that I like the idea of using as much as possible from nature, just like they did in Cleopatra’s time, of course today we need to create safe and stable skincare products if we are to sell commercially so sometimes we need to include a naturally derived ingredient, but it’s all about balance for me.

What’s your favorite product now?

I’m loving the new gel/cream textures, the lightness of a gel but with all the hydration and moisture and protection of a cream on application innovative and effective.  Carbon White’s fusion of detoxifying charcoal with a creamy cleanser is a winning combination.

Products that make you feel good when you use them and then looking good is a bonus.

Where do you find your inspiration?

I constantly research and review products, brands and new trends across the globe. I travel to shows to get the latest ingredient and formulation innovations and the bonus is I get to hang out in the beauty stores watching the consumers purchasing and bring home lots of the latest products to play with.

What are the most important aspects of a good skincare product?

Aroma is important, if it’s too overpowering or not balanced you won’t want to use it.  It needs to apply well, absorb well and leave the skin feeling soft and smooth.   If it’s for the face it also needs to have some good quality actives to make a difference, Carbon White has sourced high-quality actives and ingredients and manufactured at NZ’s leading skincare manufacture facility so you know you are getting the best NZ skincare can offer.