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What is the right skincare for your skin type?

Why do I need to know my skin type?

In order to practice your most effective skincare, it’s absolutely important to know your skin type. Back in the day, ladies had a limited selection of skincare items to choose from, like a big pot of thick “all purpose” cold cream in your grandma’s bathroom. Today, there’s an unending variety of formulas tailored to care for our unique skin types, but they only work their best if you use the one meant for your skin!

If you misdiagnose your skin type and use the wrong products, it can aggravate skin and lead to irritation, excess oil, breakouts or drying out skin which can make wrinkles more apparent.

Other factors that can Determine/Effect Skin Type

    • Simple Genetics – The biggest one is your genes, which decide how dry/oily or sensitive your skin will be. And, you might inherit your skin type or issues from your parents!
    • Climate – Relocating to a new environment can change your skin type, sometimes for the bette.
    • Hormones – Our hormones fluctuate at different times in our lives – including pregnancy and menopause – which can affect our skin’s behaviour.
    • Medications – Any medications might cause your skin to become drier or more sensitive as a side effect.
    • Diet/Allergies – Your daily diet can definitely affect your skin for better or for worse. Talk to your health professional if you think a food allergy might be the source of your skin concerns.
    • Skin Care – Using the wrong formula can throw off your skin’s balance.


Try this the next time you have two hours where you don’t need to leave the house:

Wash your face with your usual cleanser, pat it dry, and then don’t touch it at all for two full hours—don’t apply any makeup, moisturizers, sunscreen, etc. At the end of those two hours, check how your skin is feeling.

  • If it’s…tight, flaky, or uncomfortable, you likely have DRY skin
  • If it’s…oily or shiny all over, you likely have OILY skin
  • If it’s…oily in some places, tight in others, you likely have COMBINATION skin
  • If it’s…pretty comfortable and not greasy, you likely have NORMAL skin
  • If it’s…oily, dry, or combo, but covered in acne, you also have ACNE-PRONE skin

Congrats! You’ve figured out your skin type. Now what? Well, here’s the fun part: Building a routine for your specific skin type, and yes, it’s way easier than it sounds.

So, click through to find your customized products, and get slathering!

  • If you have oily skin, you should only be using products with a light fluid, liquid, thin lotion, or gel texture. Any other texture will make your skin feel oilier and risk clogging pores.
  • If you have dry skin, you should only be using products that have rich lotion, cream, or velvety serum textures.
  • If you have combination skin, you may need to use a mix of products for the dry and oily areas. For dry skin, you would need more emollient products and products with the lightest weight texture are for the oily areas— but can be layered beneath products for the dry areas.